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06/06/14 – I write this before the US market open after scanning for energy sector setups to compliment my EXC-NYSE which has been on fire this week. The Trend Channel is drawn from the Pivot B as this is a complex W4 pull back with 8/9 indicators in the green  I have opted for an aggressive entry out of the Trend Channel and just above the high of yesterday @100.92 with the Stop Loss @99.49 and the initial Take profit Limit Order @ 105, giving a good Risk to Reward ratio of over 1:2.5 – Swing trading stocks for a living can be fun when these same sector instances occur. As Below


06/06/14 – The BUY order triggered pretty much in the first 15 minutes of the session.  A strong and positive session for this stock price which closed near the day’s high and just tipped over the 6/4 MA High line.  As Below


16/06/14 – The price has crossed and closed the 50% to target line and therefore I have moved the Stop Loss to just above break-even @ 100.95 , this trade doesn’t seem as strong as my $CVX trade so this move of making it a risk free trade at this point seems wise.  As Below


21/06/14 – On Friday the price reached above the Wave 3 high to form a Wave 5 for this movement and closed very strong for the day (bar).  This is quite a volatile stock so I have drawn a trend line (Dark Blue with arrow on the end) taking in the lows of this current Wave 5 movement so that I can calculate a sensible price to adjust the Trailing Stop to. The bar position for Monday is depicted by a thin vertical blue line and intersects the Trend line previously mentioned around the 102 price.  So for Monday’s Bar position a sensible price for the Trailing Stop is 101.95 which locks in 0.75% profit on my Trading Account Balance, whilst allowing the trade room to work.  This is slightly below the intersection and allows for a slight slippage.  I will be looking to manage this trade aggressively next if the price continues to rise, which is part of my swing trading stocks strategy.  As Below


23/06/14 The price made a new Wave 5 high and entered into the target during todays session.  It closed just inside the target zone and may not have the legs to go through.  My CVX trade has also struggled to gain ground today and so I have decided to switch to an aggressive trade management strategy and move the Trailing Stop up to 103.71.  This move is below the low of today but more importantly it locks in 2% profit on my trading account balance.  As Below

swing trading stocks for a living

24/06/14 – A massive swing low in todays session has seen my Trailing Stop taken out to close the trade.  A good 2% profit on my trading account balance for this trade.  This trade combined with my CVX trade have given me a total profit of 5.8% profit on my trading account balance in less than a month.  That is why Swing Trading Stocks for a living can be seriously profitable! As Below

swing trading for a living


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