NASDAQ Traded Stocks – XLNX

23/07/14 – My Stop Loss has been taken out on this NASDAQ traded stock, with a massive price drop after the company announced “weaker than expected sale” and issued a disappointing revenue guidance.  A loss of 1% on my trading account balance for this trade.  It just goes to show how violent a share price can move on earnings reports and in this case it has gone against me and stopped me out.  In other cases here there are surprises in higher returns then gap ups can occur and a trader profits, which I have experienced myself.  This is the only open trade to suffer during this earnings week so far.  As Below

nasdaq traded stock

04/07/14 –  This stock of many NASDAQ traded stocks this week, has had a very positive week.  The trade has triggered, crossed the 6/4 MA High Line and closed strongly for this short trading week. Looking back over the recent history of this stock on the weekly chart gives me confidence that this strong week should be followed with more upward movement.  Next week is therefore critical for the momentum of this trade.  As Below

nasdaq traded stocks

24/05/14 – My second potential trade where the Stochastic has yet to cross over in the Over Sold zone, but again very close.  With positive price action next week for this NASDAQ traded stocks and this should cross giving 7/9 indicators in the green  Again, a relatively conservative entry as I am away next week but do not want to miss an opportunity.  BUY order @47.70, which is outside the Trend Channel for next week’s bar position (blue vertical line) and above the highs of the last three weeks.  Stop Loss @44.80 and the Take profit Limit order @ 58.00, giving a Risk to reward ratio over 1:3.  There is still a possibility that the price will go lower next week and go towards the support @42.51 to take out the TJ’s Ellipse, hence the conservative entry.  Another one of the NASDAQ traded stocks setting well.  AS Below

XLNX#3 XLNX#1 XLNX#2 osc'

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