29/07/14 – After 18 weeks in this Long  NYSE Stock trade and only with a large movement today the price has just reached the 50% to target zone line.  I have decided to manually Time Stop the trade to take advantage of this massive movement and take a 2% profit on my trading account balance for this trade.  I have to think of my overall strategy for this quarter and the financial year and add to the great profits already taken this month .  I don’t want to  into August which is traditionally low on volumes to see this price go down towards my previous Trailing Stop. As Below

nyse stock

28/06/14 – This NYSE Stock trade has been on for 12 bars (weeks) and has not reached the 50% to target zone line.  Remembering most average Wave 5 movements take 2o bars to reach the target zone, this trade doesn’t seem to have the momentum to get there at this time.  However, due to the price reaching a new high last week for this current Wave 5 movement, I have decided on a conservative trade management strategy.  I have placed a Trailing Time Stop @ 42.94 which makes this a “Risk Free Trade”, locks in 0.5% profit on my trading account balance and still allows the trade space to work.  I may become more aggressive with my trailing stop placement towards the end of July, depending on the price action between now and then.  As Below

nyse stock

31/03/14 – Today’s session saw the Stochastic turn up after crossing in the Over Sold Zone and with good positive movement in the first day of this weekly bar, the trade triggered.  I would like to see this momentum continue for this NYSE Stock through the week and the price close above the entry point.  As below


29/03/14 – I was in WM in January on a Daily Chart and was stopped out giving a loss.  This is now setting up again, but this time on a Weekly Chart with 7/9 indicators currently in the green.  Positive price movement for this NYSE Stock next week will see the Stochastic cross in the Over Sold zone giving 8/9 indicators in the green.  In this instance I have gone for an aggressive entry out of the trend channel (Yellow vertical line depicts the position of next weeks bar).  BUY order @ 42.25 on a Sep-14 Spread bet Contract with a Stop Loss ‘ 40.25 and the Take Profit Limit order @ 48.00.  A slow burner to put in the sausage machine.  As Below

WM2#3 WM2#1 WM2#2osc


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