Under Armour Stock Nasdaq

09/05/15 – Under Armour Stock Nasdaq – UA – The Wave 4  profit take pull back for this stock has found resistance and the Fibonacci 0.5 Retracement level and the TJ’s Ellipse is backing that support level up.  Thursday and Friday last week were good strong positive Bullish Days moving away from the Wave 4 extreme and exiting the very narrow Trend Channel.  there are 7/9 of my trade setup indicators in the green and with my conservative entry the 6/4 MA High will be broken to make 8/9.  The Elliott Oscillator 140% line has been violated, as with many setups during these volatile times with large daily swings,  so I am being cautious setting this trade up and being very Conservative t the beginning of next week.  Stop Buy Order @ 81.58 with the Stop Loss @ 75.84 and the initial Take profit Limit Order @ 96.00, giving a Risk to Reward profile of over 1:2.  Charts as below for the setup of this potential Long Position on this Under Armour Stock Nasdaq.

under armour stock nasdaq UA#1 UA#2osc

01/06/15 – Under Armour Stock Nasdaq – Since putting on my order the price for this stock as been somewhat range bound within a contraction phase.  I am keen to get in early if this contraction is broken out of so I have adjusted my Stop Buy order to 80.03, which will give a Risk to reward profile near 1:4.  The entry price is still above the 6/4 MA High and the highs of the previous attempts t breaking out.  Chart as Below.


15/06/15 – Under Armour Stock Nasdaq – My Stop Buy order triggered with a large move out of the range last week whilst I was travelling.  Since then the stocks price has weathered the bearish Storm so far to form a Bullish flag and a break out to the upside should occur when the markets turn bullish again.  Chart as below.


29/06/15 – Under Armour Stock Nasdaq – The Bullish Wave 5 move has gathered momentum for this stock despite the Greece issues.  I have placed a Trailing Stop @82.20 to lock in 0.5% profit in my trading account balance.  The Trailing Stop Position is below the 6/4 MA Low (red MA line) for Monday’s bar position which is a conservative trade management strategy at this stage as the markets may react  on Monday to the Greece problems and I want to allow a reasonable pull back for this stock. Chart as Below showing the railing Stop Placement.

under armour stock nasdaq

19/07/15 – Under Armour Stock Nasdaq – After making a new Wave 5 high at the beginning of last week this stock had a large pull back to test the channel and then closed back in the channel on Friday.  I have adjusted the Trailing Stop to 84.30 which is just below the low of Thursday and locks in 1% profit on my trading account balance.  Chart as Below.

UA TS 1perc

24/07/15 – Under Armour Stock Nasdaq – The price gapped up at the beginning of yesterdays session and made its way into my target zone.  My Original Take profit Limit Order was at 96.00, but I manually closed out the trade slightly short of that at 95.93 as the price was struggling to break through the target zone.  This still gave a me a 3.75% profit on my trading account balance and my biggest win for a while in these hard to read markets. Chart as Below.

under armour stock nasdaq



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