Twitter – One of three social media stocks that have taken my interest as good day trading “momo” stocks. I have written a full explanation of this new Social Media Trading Strategy, using this trade on twitter as an example, on and can be seen HERE.

12/06/14 – This trade on Twitter is the first live trade of my new Social Media Stock Day Trading Strategy.  The first Blue Bar indicating a Potential XTL Bullish Breakout occurred at 10:30am on 9th June 2014.  During the next bar I placed a BUY order at 34.30 which is at 150% of the length of the first XTL break out bar and taken from the low price of that first bar.  The Stop Loss is at 150% of the length of the first bar, taken from the high of that bar in this case as it is  a LONG trade. At 15:30 that same day the trade triggered and the price gradually gained ground over the next couple of days. On the 12th June at 09:30 there was a large movement up and this was stabilized during the next couple of bars and so I moved my Stop Loss to 36.54 to protect profits.  During the 12:30 bar the price dropped and took out my trailing Stop, giving a 1.6% profit on my trading account balance.   As Below

TWTR 60mins xtl trade 12 june

 Keep an eye out for more trades on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn on this new Social Media day trading strategy using an exclusive trading tool in the Esignal advanced GET trading software.  


This first trade on twitter is hopefully the first of many trdes, both SHORT and LONG, my new Social Media Trading Strategy. The Software that forms part of this new strategy can be found on HERE'

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