Taylor Wimpey PLC

14/08/14 – This Taylor Wimpey PLC long trade has been open for 14 bars (weeks) and has spent most of that time below the entry point.  In line with my time stop discipline within my trade management strategy I have decided to Time Stop this trade on the Taylor Wimpey PLC stock whilst it is in a profit making position. A small profit of 0.2% on my trading account balance for this trade is acceptable in a time stop situation, taking full advantage of a good week for FTSE stocks in general.  Combined with the other two more profitable trades closed today n the FTSE ( INTU-LSE  and INPP-LSE ) I have taken 4.4% profit on my trading account balance for FTSE trades, which is in line with my monthly and quarterly profit targets. Chart for this Taylor Wimpey PLC time stopped trade is below.

taylor wimpey plc

07/05/14 – After a great start to the week that saw this trade trigger, the FTSE has had a poor end to the week dragging prices down including this stock’s price, to close lower than the open for the week.  Next week is critical for this Taylor Wimpey PLC long trade and needs to pull back some of the negative territory it gave up towards the latter part of this week.  As Below

TW.-LON # 4

13/05/14 – This Taylor Wimpey PLC, House builder Stock has pulled back to just below the Fib 0.25 line taken between W2 and W3, giving 7/9 indicators in the green.  The Risk to Reward is approx 1:2.5 and the price has broken out of the Trend Channel for this weeks bar  I have entered the trade @ 113.49 with a Stop Loss @ 100.00, with an initial Take Profit Limit order @ 150.49  this is a Sept 14 contract.  I have also purchased some physical shares for the long term as it is a good time to BUY with House Builder Company shares across the UK looking at great growth over the next 5 years.  As Below

TW.-LON#3 TW.-LON#1 TW.LON#2osc


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