03/09/14 – TSL NYSE  – This trade has been on for 15 bars (weeks) and in line with my trade management strategy I have to consider my time stop strategy.  Taking into consideration the spike in price today for this TSL stock and the fact that I have Trailing time stops on three other long term trades (CRM BAC and AOS ), I have decided to Time Stop this trade and take 0.5% profit on my trading account balance. Chart as Below


21/05/14 – TSL -NYSE Finally today, this trade has triggered with some strong positive movement.  I like to see the price close the week positively above the entry point.  As below


10/05/14 – TSL NYSE -The price found a new low last week and therefore a new W4 extreme.  It is still hanging onto the TJ’s Ellipse and still has 8/9 indicators in the green.  I have adjusted all the orders as follows; BUY order @12.47 which is a conservative entry above the high of two weeks ago and way out of the Trend Channel for next weeks bar position (blue vertical line).  Stop Loss ‘ 10.23 and you will also notice the target price zone has changed, so the Take Profit Limit order is now @ 21.00, still giving a Risk to reward ratio of 1:3.  As Below


24/04/14 – TSL NYSE – The Stochastic has crossed over in the Over Sold Zone this week, giving 8/9 indicators in the green.  The price has broken out of the Trend Channel and closed outside of it on Friday.  I have entered a conservative BUY order way out of the Trend Channel for next weeks bar (vertical blue line depicts position).  BUY order on a Sept contract @ 13.40 with a Stop Loss @ 10.50 with the Take profit Limit order @ 24.00.  A great potential Risk to reward ration of over 1:3.5 on this potential trade, so setting up well.  As Below

TSL#3 TSL#1 TSL#2 osc


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