Trend Reversal trade ATW-NYSE

26/11/14 – My Stop Loss for this trend reversal trade on ATW-NYSE was taken out in today’s session, giving a 1% loss on my trading account balance. There is no technical reason for this trade failing as the setup was very strong so I would say that some fundamental issues were the cause of this failure which sometimes happens and as I haven’t got a crystal ball I wont beat myself up about this trade.  The recent success of another Trend Reversal trade on RMG-LSE still gives me confidence in my setup and entry strategies for these trend reversal trdes so I won’t be changing anything at the moment.  Chart as Below.


22/11/14 – My Stop BUY order for this trend reversal trade on ATW-NYSE triggered during yesterdays session then closed the session just above the entry level at 38.27.  I have reported this s at Breakeven on my weekly report as there is very little in it between the entry and close. Yesterday’s bar both open and closed above the 6/4 MA High line which indicates the previous Bearish Wave 5 trend is over.  Momentum needs to continue next week to give this trade a strong chance of success.  Chart s Below for this trend reversal trade on ATW-NYSE.

trend reversal

21/11/14 – This potential Trend reversal trade is setting up very well with 8/8 of my trend reversal trade setup indicators in the green.  Yesterday’s bar confirmed positive movement away from the Trend Channel and importantly broke through the 6/4 MA High line and also close above it.  The Risk to Reward .6 line is just above the previous Wave 4 high but below the target zone taken from that same pivot.  I have decided on an aggressive entry into this potential trend reversal trade, just above the high of yesterday and way above the 6/4 MA High line.  Stop BUY Order @ 38.01 with the Stop Loss @ 34.20 and the initial Take Profit Limit Order @ 45.00.  My Recent RMG-LSE Trend Reversal trade was a success, so lets see if I can repeat it on a US Stock.  Charts as below for the setup of this potential Trend reversal trade on ATW-NYSE.

trend reversal ATW#1'

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