Trading Results April 2015

Trading Results for April 2015 – Profits of 22.22% on my trading account balance, with a win ratio of  81%. (Click on image to enlarge)

trading results

A much better start to my new Financial Year compared to last year’s start, which was my main target and always in the back of my mind when making trading decisions during April.  Good strong and positive trading results with the April monthly P&L at 22.22%. My Sausage machine is filling up nicely but am noticing the trades on the Daily time frame are struggling to make target in the current volatile conditions in the markets.  I have also decided not to trade the Weekly Time Frame during the current market conditions as the trades are on for too long and so therefore when the current open trades are complete I will concentrate on the Daily Time Frame, Intra Day Time Frames and my Scalping activities.

The Win ratio for the month was 81% with an average win size of 1% on my trading account balance, which is low and maybe a sign of things to come in the volatile markets.  However some of the longer term trades carried over from the last financial year were not in good shape when I time stopped them, so had an affect on the overall data for the month. The table below shows the my targets and last years figures, where my target for this year is to match those of  last yer as the market conditions are much different and harder to trade.  This month’s Stock Trading Results are just the beginning and it is hard to understand performance until I get through my first quarter, but I am very pleased with the start of this financial year.

2014/2015 Actual Figures 2015/2016 Targets    2015/2016  Current figures
Average Monthly Profit 14% 14% 22.22%
Win Ratio for the Year 71% 71% 81%
Average Win %   1.6% 1.6% 1%'

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