P&L June 2014 – Trading Results

June 2014 trading results – A Profit of 15.35% this month on my trading account balance, with a Win ratio of  78%.

trading results june 2014 pl

A better set of trading results for the month of June pulling back my account into profit for the first quarter to the tune of 13.32%.  Always helps when the underlying Indices are making new highs, but a trader still has to pick the right trades at the right time.  Improving on this months profit during the summer months will be a tall order when traditionally the volumes are lower.  However with the introduction of my Forex XTL Breakout Strategy, I have a great chance.  An example of a recent trade for this new strategy during June and around the Non Farms Payroll Announcement with the AUDUSD, can be read HERE .

The win ratio for the first quarter for this new financial year was 49% with an average win size of  1.9% on my trading account balance.  My average win size for the last financial year was 1.96% so I am managing my trades consistent with last year.  My win Ratio for the last financial year was 55% so I have some work to do on improving that this year as I have set myself a target of a 60% win ratio.  My Actual’s and Targets are below in the table.  Note where Monthly profit and average percentage are mentioned, this a percentage of my trading account balance at the time of the trade closing.  I find this a true value of my trading results and profitability, as this is in real money terms and not some 1000% mystical figure battered around the internet.

  2013/2014 Targets 2013/2014 Actual Figures 2014/2015 Targets 2014/2015 Current figures
Average Monthly Profit 3% 6.55% 5% 4.4%
Win Ratio for the Year 60% 55% 60% 49%
Average Win %            1.6% 1.96% 2.2% 1.9%



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