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Trading Journals Section of My Trading Buddy Explained

My name is Paul and I am the Founder and CEO of My Trading Buddy. I have been trading 14 years and of that time as a Money Manager for 4 years. I have recently retired as a Money Manger and only trade my own Pension Accounts now so that I can spend more time developing the My Trading Buddy Brand and its fast growing Community. During my time as a Full Time Trader I kept a Trading Journal to help me track all my trades whether for Clients, my Income or my Pension.  Keeping a concise record of your trades and more importantly the decision made for entry, trade management and exit is a vital resource to help keep you focussed and continually improve your trading Strategy.

As a help to start this new section of Free Educational Content on the Trading Journal section, I have shared some of the Trading Journal entries from my time as a Full Time Trader and is a complete documentation of my thoughts, observations and decisions regarding my trades, whether they are Good, Bad or occasionally Ugly.  The trading strategies covered in these Trading Journal entries include, Swing Trading with Trend, Scalping, Swing Trading on Trend Reversals for both Long & Short positions on differing time frames for Stocks & Forex.  I hope you find them helpfull.

The Trading Journal Section of My Trading Buddy is designed for Traders to share their Trading experiences through their Journals.  The video Journals section will be Free for any trader to upload and share a Journal of a trade they have recently completed.  The posts will be vetted by the My Trading Buddy Team once they have been uploaded and will be publlished if appropriate and no advertsing is present in the post.  The Pro-Membership allows for advertising and the ability to produce written Trading Journals just like the examples I have given.  This feature will be implemented before the end of February 2017

I look forward to viewing and sharing your Trading Journal entries…..


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