Trading Activity Profit/Loss January 2015

 Trading Activity profit and loss report for January 2015 – A Profit of 23.5%  this month on my trading P/L account balance, with a Win Ratio of 74%. (Click on the image below to enlarge)

trading activity

My January Trading Activity Profit and Loss Report takes me way over the 100% profit line and into NEW territory with the January monthly P&L at 23.5% profit, taking my Financial Year to date profits to 145.32%. Yet again compounding my route to a record breaking Financial Year for me personally with 2 months to go. I carry over 7 main trades into February 2015 and as always will look to add to these with strong potential trades in the run up to my year end, with a focus on carrying good quality trades into my next financial year .  My Scalping Strategy is working extremely well and will remain mainly on those trades that are open and have strong momentum. As my trading activity increases with both individuals and other funds placing money with me to manage, I will have to remain focused but ensure I do not stray from my strategy which is working so well.

The Win ratio for the month was 74% with an average win size of 2.03% on my trading account balance, which is an increase on last months figures and getting to where I feel comfortable, whilst not being too greedy in my trade management.  The Trading Activity Profit and Loss Report for January has reflected the planned increased scalping profits of of over 1.6% per trade and will continue to play a major role moving forward in the average win size.  During January I gained more confidence in the increased targets for win sizes on my Scalping activities within my main trades that have strong momentum.  The table below shows the updated figures for the financial year to date against my targets and last years figures.  This month’s Trading Activity Profit and Loss Report has seen my average monthly profit increase to 14.59%, which is still over double my target for the year and is a direct result of my continually developing strategy. As my strategies have evolved I must now start to consider realistic targets for my next financial year.

2013/2014 Actual Figures 2014/2015 Targets 2014/2015 Current figures
Average Monthly Profit 3% 6.55% 5% 14.59%
Win Ratio for the Year 60% 55% 60% 70.7%
Average Win %            1.6% 1.96% 2.2% 1.62%'

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