Trading Account Balance Boost – August 2014 Results

August 2014 trading results – A Profit of 15% this month on my trading account balance, with a Win Ratio of 90%. (Click on the image below to enlarge)

trading account balance


August has continued my great run in the second quarter of this year with the Financial year to date profit now at 58.62% on my trading account balance.  Although this month is much slower for trading I have still managed to close out 10 trades with only one losing position.  A good mixture of Long, medium and short term trades on both Equities and Forex continued to be churned out by my Sausage machine strategy.

The Win ratio for the month was 90% with an average win size of 1.67% on my trading account balance, which is at my minimum desired average for winning trades.  Considering that 20% of my trades this month were time stopped with low profits, I am very happy with the overall result.  These trading results for August have had a positive affect on the year to date’s figures on the whole and of course has had a great addition to the yearly profit on my trading account balance.  The table below shows the updated figures for the financial year to date against my targets and last years figures.  For the second month running my average monthly profit has increased to way above my targets and August did not have a negative affect on this figure s I thought it might.

My Win Ratio for the year has, for the first time, moved above my target with the help of only losing one trade in August.  The Average win % has dropped slightly due to time stopping two trades in August resulting in low profits. As predicted on last months results comments, my sausage machine is running relatively low now and I am carrying over only 9 open trades into September with only 3 or 4 credible Buy Orders on my watch list. There are, however, a couple of the Major Forex pairs setting well for potential trades during September and of course volumes will pick up on Equities providing more opportunities


  2013/2014 Targets 2013/2014 Actual Figures 2014/2015 Targets 2014/2015 Current figures
Average Monthly Profit 3% 6.55% 5% 11.72%
Win Ratio for the Year 60% 55% 60% 62%
Average Win %            1.6% 1.96% 2.2% 2..03%'

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