08/07/14 – This NASDAQ Stock trade has taken out my Trailing  Stop during a very negative US session, giving a profit on my trading account balance of 1%.  I am extremely pleased I have protected some of the profits of this trade with sensible trade management and not being too greedy.  I have to keep in mind my overall open trades and manage them all to achieve my goals and the use of Trailing Stops to protect profits at sensible levels will ensure I achieve my profit goals for the year.  As Below

nasdaq stock

04/07/14 – The Price of this NASDAQ Stock formed a new W5 High yesterday to close this short trading week on a strong note.  I have adjusted the Trailing Stop to 22.49, which locks in 1% profit on my Trading Account Balance.  This position is below the lows of the last 4 bars (days), which still allows the trade room to manouvre next week.  A False bar Stochastic has formed at the top of the Stochastic Chart (yellow horizontal bar) indicating a return to the previous strong Bullish Trend.  With this in mind I don’t want to be too aggressive with my Trailing Stop adjustments next week as the initial target zone may act as resistance to further price rises.  So the first few bars next week are critical to my trade management decisions.  As Below

nasdaq stock

28/06/14 – Friday’s close for this NASDAQ Stock was at its high for the bar (day) and above the 50% to target line.  In line with my trade management strategy, I have adjusted the Stop Loss to 21.80.  This is slightly above the entry point and makes this now a “Risk Free Trade”.  I will look to manage this fast moving NASDAQ Stock trade with a trailing stop next week.  As Below

nasdaq stock

18/06/14 – The trade crept over the start line to trigger during yesterday’s session for this NASDAQ Stock and closed positively around the entry point.  Lets hope the FOMC rate decision today doesn’t upset this very young trade.  As Below


16/06/14 – This potential NASDAQ Stock trade is setting up well and the price has already broken out of the Trend Channel.  As the Risk to Reward ratio is over 1:2 , I am opting for a conservative entry when the 6/4 MA High Line is crossed and the price is above the highs of the two bars (days) that reached out of the Trend Channel last week.  BUY order @ 21.75 with the Stop Loss @ 21.00 and the initial Take Profit Limit Order @ 24.00.  As Below

SYMC#3 SYMC#1 SYMC#2osc'

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