27/02/14 – Yesterday saw the price open just a whisker below the Trailing Stop and thus closing the trade giving me a 1.6% profit on my trading account balance.  The price then continued to climb and finish in positive territory.  You can’t account for Sod’s law, but also this was a lower low and lower high compared tot he day before so could be the start of a bearish movement so protecting my profit is justified – I can’t dwell on this as I have taken a good profit from a trade that has only been on for 10 bars (days).  As Below


25/02/14 – In yesterday’s session the Buyers were dominant in the beginning  and Bid prices higher, however the Sellers later forced prices down from their highs forming a Doji with a long upper shadow.  this signal combined with the previous bar could indicate that the Uptrend is nearing its end.  Due to this I have moved the Trailing Stop to 3664 to protect a substantial profit of 1.6% of my trading account balance.  there is still room for the trade to move as this is still well below the lows of yesterday.  As Below


22/02/14 – Last week witnessed a strong price rise for this stock, culminating in a new W5 high being formed during Friday’s session.  The price didn’t close near the day’s highs and I am concerned that the Buyers appetite for the stock may be over, although a new False Bar has been formed by my software at the top of the Stochastic (small yellow horizontal line at the top of the sub chart below) which indicates the potential for a new Bull Trend.  I have adjusted the Stop Loss to 3480 to lock in 0.9% profit on my trading account balance whilst also adjusting the Take Profit Limit Order (TPLO) to 4025 (3% profit line) above the original target zone.  Although I am protect profit with an aggressive money management strategy, I believe i am giving the Trade enough space to make more potential profit.  As with the CAR trade I intend to manage this trade with a Trailing Stop and adjusting the TPLO .  As Below


11/02/14 – Finally after a couple of weeks watching this Daily chart, the trade has triggered.  I am in uncharted waters here as there are 7/9 indicators in the green for this trade at entry, but the W4 pull back has been that long and protracted,a false bar has been formed at the bottom of the Stochastic graph indicating a Bearish Trend.  This is  a JUN14 contract as I suspect the W5 may take some time.  As Below


04/02/14 – A New W4 extreme was formed during yesterday’s session and as with FSLR , the False Bar Stochastic is no longer in play due to a new False Bar being formed at the bottom indicating a downward trend.  This leaves the minimum of 6/9 indicators in the green.  i have left the BUY order entry point the same to make it a more conservative entry and moved the Stop Loss to 2974, which compensates for the new W4 low.  The Risk to reward still looks good at around 1:2.5, but this week is critical and if the price doesn’t start to rise towards the entry point then I may have to walk away from this trade.  As Below


02/02/14 – Friday’s session saw a new W4 extreme low formed with the price closing high and much stronger.  I have re-drawn the Trend Channel to account for this new low and the figure still remains above 0.9 and further more. the Elliot Oscillator still remains between the 90% and 140% lines.  This pull back could continue further, but as long as the indicators remain in play then so does the potential trade. The entry point on the BUY order remains the same @ 3260 giving a more conservative entry, but now on a JUN14 contract compared to the previous post on a MAR14 contract, whilst the Stop Loss has moved to 3026 to compensate for the new W4 low formed on Friday 31st Jan. The reward to Risk still remains nearly 3:1, As Below


30/01/14 – This is a similar trade to FSLR in that it has had a long and protracted W4 pull back, but the Elliot Oscillator has remained between the 90% and 140% lines for the whole time and still remains in the green  The entry point is above the 6/4 MA high line which will give 8/9 indicators in the green if and when the trade is triggered.  BUY order @3260 out of the Trend Channel on a MAR 14 Spread Bet Contract.  The Stop Loss is at 3040, which is quite a way below the W4 extreme, but takes into account lows on the MAR14 Daily Chart and the low in Oct which was the last time the price was in the Over Sold zone before now. (light blue vertical dotted line).  Take profit @ 3900.  As Below

SWY#3 SWY#1 SWY#2osc


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