Swing Trading Journal NFLX-NASDAQ

10/05/14 – This stock price has seen a classic W4 pull back so far on the back of  strong Bullish trend.  There are 8/9 indicators in the green and this potential trade is setting up well and is a typical Swing trading opportunity.  I have opted for a relatively aggressive entry for this potential trade out of the Trend Channel but still above the highs of the last two bars (weeks).  BUY Order @ 352 with the Stop Loss @ 295, with the Take Profit Limit order initially @ 506. As Below (The blue vertical line depicts the position of next weeks bar).


17/05/14 – Last week we saw good positive movement for this stock out of the Trend Channel to trigger the trade.  The price closed around the entry point as with many swing trading starts, but as you can see from the chart it was a strong close for the week (bar).  As Below


17/06/14 – This trade is in its 5th weeks (5 bars) and has positively moved over the 50% to target line and so in line with my trade management strategy, I have moved the Stop loss to just above Break Even @ 354.76 .  This is now a risk free trade and I will look to move the trailing stop to the 1% profit line if this week closes positively above the 50% to target line.  This Swing Trading opportunity seems to have gathered momentum now. As Below


21/06/14 – After a week of indecision two weeks ago (red bar on chart), last week was much more positive for this trade and closed  in a positive position, which should mean this swing trading move is back on.  the close was also above the highs of the previous weeks and above the 50% to target line.  I have adjusted the Trailing Stop to 408.87 to protect 1% profit on my Trading Account balance for this trade.  This point is still below the lows of the last 3 weeks (bars) so should give the trade space to work, but if the Trailing Stop is taken out then it is possible the end of this current bullish movement for the stock price.  As Below

Swing Trading NFLX

04/07/14 – The price in this great Swing Trading run for Netflix has made a new Wave 5 High this week.  I have decided to continue with a conservative trade management strategy for now and have adjusted the Trailing Stop to 420.19.  This locks in 1.2% profit on my trading account balance, whilst still giving the trade space to work as the Trailing Stop is below the lows of the last 3 bars (weeks) As Below

swing trading

24/07/14 – After a reasonable earnings report this week the share price for Netflix has fallen over fears over cash flow.  My Trailing Stop has been taken out giving me a 1.2% profit on my trading account balance.  Swing Trading is a profitable style of trading but a disciplined trade management strategy is important to protect hard earned profits.  As Below

swing trading



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