23/01/14 – This trade has struggled over the last couple of weeks and finally, on a very negative US trading session open, has stopped out giving a 1% loss on my trading account balance. I will keep an eye on this one over the coming weeks s I may have got in too early, but the minimum amount of indicators will still have to be in the green to enter another trade. As Above

18/12/13 – BUY order triggered and now into the trade.  As Below


04/12/13 – With 8/9 indicators in the green, this trade looks like a good setup.  Conservative entry, way out of the Trend Channel @ 6.83, which is 1 point above last weeks high.   Spread Bet Mar14 contract needed so a larger spread so need to add 0.042 to the entry price. Order placed. AS Below

SVU#1 SVU#2'

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