08/04/14 – The Stop Loss was taken out in today’s session giving a 1% loss on my trading account balance. This has been a very negative start to April and my new trading year on the Markets and I have lost some weak trades.  This trade is still setting up again so i may have been too early so I may add it back to the watchlist at some stage soon.  As Below


18/03/14 – The BUY order triggered towards the end of today’s session and closed around the entry point.  So that is three FTSE trades on Daily charts triggered today and all with good Risk to Reward ratios.  As Below


15/03/14 – From the chart it can be seen that this stocks overall bullish movement included a very complex W2, which could infer that the W4 pull back could be a simple one  as it stands now.  The price has now pulled back between the Fib retracement 0.25 and 0.382 lines and has 7/9 indicators in the green.  The yellow vertical line on the chart indicated the position of next Monday’s bar and is an aid to showing the entry point.  BUY order to enter the trad is @ 416, which is out of the Trend Channel and above the high’s of the last three bars (days).  Stop Loss @ 401 with the Take Profit Limit Order @ 464.  As with the LRD-LSE I may have to track and adjust this order each day until the pull back bottoms out or the trade triggers.  Charts As Below


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