PRU-NYSE Swing Trade Opportunities

28/07/14 – My Trailing Stop has been taken out on this trade giving a 0.6% profit on my trading account balance.  This trade just didn’t seem to have the juice to push through the resistance level around 92.00.  Swing trade opportunities like this are not always cut and dry when there has been a complex Wave 4 pull back as this one demonstrates.  Even more important to stay disciplined in my trade management strategy and at least this way I walk away with an acceptable locked in profit from my trailing stop.  As Below

swing trade opportunities

04/07/14 – This week the price has hit a major resistance level that was taken from Pivot B, but has close very positively for this short trading week.  I have adjusted the Trailing Stop to 87.40 locking in 0.6% profit on my trading account balance for this trade.  Although at first his trade management looks aggressive, the Trailing Stop is below the lows of the last 4 bars (weeks) and should allow the trade space to attack the resistance level, whilst locking in sensible profits for this trade.  As with many Swing Trade opportunities that have complex W4 pull backs, this trade has been somewhat range bound below a major resistance level, but is poised well to break through in the coming weeks.  As below

swing trade opportunities

21/06/14 – last week was a very positive week for this trade with the price closing very near the high of the week (bar).  At the moment it is close to the line of resistance taken from the Pivot B, so next week will be critical for the momentum to continue and push through.  As the price closed above the 50% to target zone I have adjusted the Stop Loss to just above the Break Even point @ 83.80.  This is now a Risk free Trade and has proven to be one of those strong swing trade opportunities so far.  As Below

swing trade opportunities

08/05/14 – The BUY order has triggered at the start of today’s session during a strong positive move and so into the trade.  Swing Trade opportunities like this are starting to appear in this sector at the moment, so I will keep an eye out for more. As Below


26/04/14 – The Trend Channel is taken from the Main Pivot B as this is a complex W4 Pull Back, which also fits with the Elliot observation of a simple W2 against a Complex W4, as in this particular bullish trend. The Stochastic has still to cross over n the Over Sold Zone, but when it does it will give 8/9 indicators in the green.  With positive price action next week, this should occur before the trade is triggered.  An aggressive trade entry out of the Trend Channel and way above last weeks high (Blue vertical line depicts position of next weeks bar) has been placed.  BUY  order on a Sept 4 contract @ 83.60 with a Stop Loss @ 77.24 and Take Profit Limit Order 96.00, As Below

PRU#3 PRU#1 PRU#2 osc'

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