08/04/14 – With the markets doing so poorly this week I have decided to take profits on this trade in its target zone, giving a 2.2% profit on my trading account balance.  As Below


13/03/14 – The BUY order was triggered soon after the session was opened and so into the trade.  Risk to Reward on this trade indicates a potential profit of 2% on my trading account balance.  Just got to keep on feeding the sausage machine.   Chart As Below


13/03/14 – This W4 pullback is at the extreme of the acceptable Fib retracement of 0.618 taken from W2 to W3, but with 7/9 indicators in the green this trade seems to be setting up well, especially after the strong positive movement during yesterday’s session which broke the Trend Channel.  I have placed the BUY order a few points above the high of yesterday @ 20.05 which still gives a 1:2 risk to reward with the Stop Loss @ 19.50.  The Take Profit Limit order @ 21.40.  As Below

POM#3 POM#1 POM#2osc


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