P&L July 2014 – Trading Results

July 2014 trading results – A Profit of 30.30% this month on my trading account balance, with a Win ratio of  68%. (click on the image below to enlarge)

trading results

Trading results have continued to gain momentum during July with the Financial year to date profit now at 43.62% on my trading account balance.  This is a great start to this second quarter of this financial year with great trading results from the combined Equity and Forex strategy along with the new Break Out strategy on the three social media stocks.  Examples of these social media stock trades can be found in the Archive section of this blog, with one notable trade diary for three simultaneous trades HERE .

The win ratio  for the month was 68% with an average win size of 2.28% profit on my trading account balance, which was another improvement on last months trading results.  These trading results for July have had a positive affect on the Year to date’s figures and will surely help towards achieving the targets I have set for myself.  The table below shows the updated figures for the financial year to date against my targets and last years figures.  As you can see the current average monthly profit is way above my targets but I am expecting August to be much slower for two reasons: Firstly I have closed a great deal of trades and need to start filling my sausage machine again.  Secondly August is traditionally a poor month for volume so that sausage machine will be difficult to fill up with new potential trades, which then have a knock on effect on closing trades out in September for profits.  So therefore my major profit for this second quarter may have already happened in the first month of the quarter. The other two figures are more in line and working towards my targets fr trading results for the whole financial year.


  2013/2014 Targets 2013/2014 Actual Figures 2014/2015 Targets 2014/2015 Current figures
Average Monthly Profit 3% 6.55% 5% 10.90%
Win Ratio for the Year 60% 55% 60% 57%
Average Win %            1.6% 1.96% 2.2% 2.1%



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