12/03/14 – The Trailing Stop has been taken out during today’s session giving a 1% profit on my trading account balance.  This trade had been on for 23 bars (days) and I feel happy that I followed my trade discipline and protected profits at this stage of the trade and in these volatile times due to Ukraine/Russia events.  As Below


01/03/14 – Good positive movement during Friday’s session seeing a new W5 high formed that continued the momentum upwards this price has had for the last 4 bars (days).  I have adjusted the Trailing Stop quite conservatively compared to other open trades below the lows of the last 3 bars (days) to 38.21, protecting 1% profit on my trading account balance.  this move move gives the trade plenty of space to work even if it pulls back slightly at the beginning of next week.  i have al;so adjusted the Take Profit Limit Order to 41.06 (3% profit line) to take advantage of any price movement higher than the original price target zone.


25/02/14 – This trade has been n for 12 bars (days) now and hasn’t reached the half way point to the target zone.  Also for the last 9 bars (days) the price has been range bound so I have decided to move the Stop Loss to just below the lows of this range @ 3755.  This meets my criteria of a Trailing Time Stop giving the trade space to move upwards whilst making it a Risk Free trade and locking in 0.6% profit on my trading account balance.  As below


06/02/14 – BUY order triggered and into the trade.  A good positive session on the Markets today and hopefully no surprises with the Non Farms Payrolls report tomorrow so my trades can build momentum. As Below


06/02/14 – A slightly complex W4 pull back, but the Trend Channel is good, so 7/9 indicators in the green with the Risk to reward just above 1:1.6.  BUY order set aggressively out of the Trend Channel @ 3680 on a MAR14 Spread Bet Contract.  Stop Loss @ 3530 with the Take profit Limit Order @ 3950.  As Below



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