28/02/14 – The Elliott Oscillator has broken the 140% line after the price has turned positive in today’s session and is close to the the high of the W4 extreme.  I have cancelled the SELL order and am walking away from this trade.  As Below


27/02/14 – The trade didn’t trigger today but moved in the right direction.  Still with the theme of using the 6/4 MA Low line to trigger the trade, I have obviously had to adjust the entry price up slightly to compensate for tomorrows bar position and the higher 6/4 MA for that bar.  SELL order now @ 303 with the Stop Loss remaining  @ 317, whilst the target zone has been auto adjusted by my software giving a an adjusted Take Profit Limit Order of 256.  This trade now has the potential for 4% profit on my trading account balance.  This really needs to trigger tomorrow or the Elliott Oscillator 140% line could be broken. As below


27/02/14 – I have been watching this trade since the beginning of last week and it has now setup very well with 7/9 indicators in the green. As with most SHORT trades I am going for a conservative entry when the price moves below the 6/4 MA Low line which will give 9/9 indicators in the green (it will have to trigger today/tomorrow as the Elliott Oscillator is right on the limit).  SELL order @ 301 with the Stop Loss @ 317 (due to spread) and the Take profit Limit Order @ 260.  I will keep a close eye on the Elliott Oscillator and price movement of this stock to ensure the indicator remains relevant.  As below



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