15/01/14 –  Stop Loss taken out, giving a 1% loss on my trading account balance.  This stock tip toed into the trigger yesterday and today has seen price movement higher than average and tip toed to stop out!!  Am I seeing the limits of a range bound stock I ask myself.  Lessons learned from this – I think I set a credible trigger but left the order on too long out of the Trend Channel as it was 6 full bars (days) out of the Trend Channel before it triggered, so from now on anything 3 bars (full bars) out of the Trend channel and not triggered, I am going to cancel the order. As Above

14/01/14 – SELL order triggered and into the trade.  As is the norm at the moment the price tip toed into the trade then pulled back.  As Below


30/12/13 – With 7/9 indicators in the green, this SHORT trade is setting up well.  I am going for a conservative entry into this trade, way out of the Trend Channel but still giving me a risk to reward of around 2.5:1.  This SHORT order could well trigger today as the US futures seem a little flat at the moment, giving those stocks on a Bearish trend to maintain momentum.  SELL order @ 1472 with a Stop Loss ‘ 1548 and a take profit Limit order @1250.  As Below

NUAN#1 NUAN#2osc'

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