06/05/14 – The Elliott Oscillator has breched the 140%line and the PTI has dropped below 35.  This trade is no longer a High Probability trade and therefore I have cancelled the BUY order.  As Below


04/05/14 – A positive week for the price of this potential trade last week, which is setting up well with 8/9 indicators in the green.  The W4 pull back has seemed to have bottomed out finding current resistance in the TJ’s Ellipse and the Fib 0.618 line taken from W2 to W3 (Which is the limit for this Fib indicator).  Positive movement for next weeks bar to trigger and hold the entry is critical. I have placed the BUY order @ 54.12, aggressively out of the Trend Channel and above the Fib 0.382 line.  Stop Loss @43.10 just below the Fib 0.618 with the Take Profit Limit Order @ 84.00, giving a Risk to Reward Ratio of around 1:2.5, As Below

NOW#3 NOW#1 NOW#2 osc'

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