NASDAQ Short Stock trade on MNKD

13/11/14 – Not all NSDAQ Short Stock trades make it! After such  great and volatile start this trade never really got off the ground, whereas the other three Short trades entered at the same time on Daily time frames seem to be weathering this Bullish/Flat Storm this week. Stop Loss taken out in yesterday’s session giving a 1% loss on my trading account balance.  Chart as Below

nasdaq short stock

06/11/14 – This NASDAQ Short Stock trade on MNKD has triggered today with quite a volatile movement and is behaving erratically like my CBS-NYSE .  I will need to keep an eye on the price action and volume on this trade over the next few sessions as the stock has also gone restricted, which implies an attempt to stop a run on the stock to the downside.  Chart as Below for this strange start to a NASDAQ Short stock trade.

nasdaq short stock trade

06/11/14 – This potential NASDAQ Short Stock trade on MNKD is setting up well with 8/9 indicators in the green.  Although the Trend Channel is below 0.9, the 6/4 MA Low line was crossed in yesterday’s session with the price closing near the low of the day. Confirmation of the 6/4 MA Low line being crossed before entry into this trade is need so I have placed the Stop Sell order below the low of yesterday, which is well below the 6/4 MA Low line for today’s bar position.  Stop Sell Order @ 5.59 with the Stop Loss @ 6.27 and the initial Take profit Limit Order @  3.95, giving a Risk to reward profile above 1:2.  The Stop Sell order is just below yesterday’s close so I need to keep an eye on pre-market activity as I don’t want to be into the trade after a gap open.  This is the second Biotech NASDAQ listed company to have a potential Short setup, with GRFS being the other. Charts as below for the setup of this potential NASDAQ Short Stock trade.

nasdaq short stock MNKD#1 MNKD#2osc'

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