01/02/14 – Friday’s session saw a large price swing and new highs for this stock.  The Elliot oscillator 140% line has been broken and now with the new position for the Stop Loss the RR is borderline 1.6:1, so the trade is no longer viable for me.  I have cancelled the SELL order.  Just got to walk away.  As Below



29/01/14 – A new W4 high was formed in yesterday’s session and so far this has not been tested today (as 16.35 GMT).  I am leaving the SELL Order entry point the same but obviously moving the Stop Loss on the order to 1083 which compensates for the new W4 high.  The Elliot Oscillator is right at the limits of the 140% line and if it goes through will make the trade null & void, so I will keep a close eye on this tomorrow.  Order is good until close of session 31 Jan.  As Below


27/01/14 – 7/9 indicators in the green for this SHORT trade. A Doji candle stick formed in Friday’s session showing signs that traders do not really know what they want to do with this trade BUY or Sell?  It could also mean a imminent reversal of this current W4 bullish pull back and a continuation of the longer term Bearish Trend.  I want to take advantage of the current market bearish activity and the potential of this price drop, so I have put a SELL order @1045 on a DFB Spread bet contract, which is out of the Trend Channel and below the lows of the last three days of last week (bearish days for the US markets also).  Stop Loss @1078 and a take profit Limit Order @ 975  NOTE *  I had to telephone this SELL order through as there is Stock Borrowing restrictions on this spread bet (Trade agreed and put on) As Below




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