07/03/14 – Stop Loss taken out on this potential trend reversal trade giving a loss on my trading account balance of 1%.  As Below


29/11/13 – Looks like the new Bull trend is having a pullback (Wave 4).  I have put in the TJ’s Ellipse so I can see if this Wave 4 performs and turns back at the target zones. Now 15 bars (weeks) into the trade on A DEC 13 Spreadbet contract, so I have a little time (17 days) to see how this plays out before I have to make the decision to rollover the contract to a MAR 14. As Above

21/10/13 – A new Wave 3 has formed so this trend reversal is looking good so far.  Would like to see price move above the 50% to target price zone soon as 1 bars into the trade at the moment. As Below



12/08/13 – Only 6/8 indicators in the green, so a very conservative entry in to the trade above the 6/4 MA High and above the highs of the last 3 weeks @ 113.89. As Below



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