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20/08/14 – My Trailing Stop for this Linkedin Stock trade has been taken out, closing the trade.  This linkedin stock price may be in for a profit taking correction and so I will keep an eye on this potential Wave and look to get in again once the correction has completed and the price wants to return to the over all Bullish trend.  I am happy to take away 2.35% profit on my trading account balance from this trade and fell fully justified in keeping trailing stops tight.  Chart as Below.

linkedin stocks

19/08/14 – This Linkedin Stock trade is running out of juice and although a new Wave 3 high was produced during today’s session, the price closed near the low of both today’s and yesterday’s session.  I have decided to adjust the Trailing Stop even tighter to just below these two lows at 215.57 which now locks in 2.35% profit on my trading account balance.  Some subscribers why is it so important to eek out another 0.1% profit on this trade? My answer is simple, if we did that over the year on every trade then we would increase our profits by approximately 5%, which is more than you would get in a saving account over he same period! Chart for Trailing top adjustment as below.

linkedin stock

15/08/14 – Trailing Stop adjustment for this Linkedin Stock trade that will now lock in 2.25% profit on my trading account balance.  Trailing Stop now at 214.16 which is just below the low of yesterday.  As long as this pattern of higher highs and higher lows continues, I will adjust my trailing stop each day to just below that day’s low.  At some point the momentum for this trade will slow and take me out at my trailing stop and I will take great profits on this Long trade on the Linkedin Stock.  Chart as below.

linkedin stock

13/08/14 – Another new day with a new high for this Linkedin Stock price for this current movement.  This is a very strong Wave 3 movement with higher highs and higher lows for the last 10 bars (days).  The price is in danger of pulling back so I am being even more aggressive with my trade management and have adjusted my Trailing Stop to 210.64, which locks in 2% profit on my trading account balance for this trade. If the current momentum continue then this Trailing Stop will not be taken out as it is below today’s low, but if it does then it is a sign of an imminent pull back and I will be happy with the profit.  Chart as below.

linkedin stock

11/08/14 – A new Wave 3 high for the Linkedin Stock price today on this current Bullish movement.  I have decided to be a little more aggressive with my Trailing Stop and have adjusted it to 205.25 , which locks in 1.6% profit on my trading account balance for this Long Trade on the Linkedin Stock.  This still allows the trade to do it’s thing, but locks in what I like to call my minimum value of profit in a trade.  I will look to continue to manage this trade with an aggressive Trailing Stop until I am taken out of the trade and profits taken as it will pull back at some stage and I m not interested in that movement. Chart as below.

linkedin stock

09/08/14 – This Linkedin Stock trade continues to defy lots of analysts and closed for the week in a strong position.  I am being a little more aggressive on my placement of my Trailing Stop now and have moved it to 199.36 which is below the lows of the last 4 bars (days) and locks in 1.2% profit on my trading account balance.  If this Linkedin Stock price does pull back next week and take me out of the trade I will be happy with the profit. If it does continue to make new highs I will keep adjusting my Trailing Stop 4 bars (days) behind each new bar until I am either taken out of the trade or it hits my target price at 224.73.  Chart as below

linkedin stock

07/08/14- The Linkedin Stock price has been range bound around my original price target t 205.00 until today and finally made a new high on this current movement.  As you can see from the chart below, the rules for the Wave 4 pull back have been broken and my software has now identified this as a new Bullish Trend for this LinkedIn Stock.  It is now on an Elliott Wave 3 movement with no real resistance until the 240.00 price.  I intend to manage this trade with a Trailing Stop from now on and have adjusted it to 196.54 to lock in 1% profit on my trading account balance.  Further adjustments this week will depend on the close tomorrow, but I suspect I will be waiting for next week unless a massive movement tomorrow occurs.  Chart as Below

linkedin stock

01/08/14 – The price for the linkedin stock Stock has gapped up at the start of today’s session and then closed at the Daily high.  This gap up occurred on a high volume daily session and the first chart below shows that the last time this occurred, combined with strong breakout momentum, the price did eventually go on to make new highs.  The second set of charts for this LinkedIn Stock are an overview of the current situation with this trade and are explained as follows;

1. The main chart shows the the price gapped up through the initial resistance level, which now in theory becomes support for this current breakout movement.

2.  The Stochastic study under the main chart shows a “False Bar Stochastic” has formed indicating that this LinkedIn Stock is now in a Bullish Trend.

3.  The next study down is the “Joseph Trend Index – JTI” which indicates both strength and direction of a trend and in this case you can see that the RED indicated a strong upward trend.

4. The fourth study is an Elliott oscillator and I have included this as this Main Daily Chart for the LinkedIn Stock shows it could be in a wave 4 pull back – However a critical rule for a Wave 4 pull back is that the Elliott Oscillator does not pull back more than 140% of the Wave 3 Oscillator height. As you can see in this instance you can see this rule has been broken, giving more  strength to this potential Wave 4 pull back failing and the price continuing upwards to form a new Bullish Trend.

linkedin stock



30/07/14 – After four days where the bars remained blue, indicating a potential break out, the Buy order for this LinkedIn Stock trade has triggered. It also closed the day near its Daily high as can be seen on the chart for this LinkedIn Stock below.  


24/07/14 – The first Blue XTL breakout bar has formed on this daily chart for the LinkedIn Stock.  The bar is average or smaller than the preceding 20 bars so therefore makes the initial criteria for a potential breakout scenario. The entry point is calculated at 150% of the length of this first bar taken from the low of the bar and projected up, giving a BUY order for this LinkedIn Stock @ 182.47.  the Stop loss is calculated in the same way but this time dropped down from the high of the bar, giving a Stop Loss level for this potential LinkedIn stock trade @ 168.33.  I have put the initial take profit limit order @ 205.51 but that may increase depending on the intensity of the momentum of this breakout.  I will adjust as necessary within my trade management strategy. You can connect with me on LinkedIn HERE

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