22/03/14 – This trade has been open since January 2014 and hasn’t made any head way, in fact it has been in negative territory for most of the time.  The Stop Loss was taken out during yesterday’s session giving a 1% loss on my trading account balance.  As Below


30/01/14 – BUY order triggered and into the trade. This is on a weekly and Spread Bet MAR14 contract which runs out at round the half way point of the trade so will be interesting whether its a time stop at that time of a contract extension.  As Below


28/01/14 – This stock had been in positive territory over the last two weeks despite the DOW being in negative territory.  This gives strength to the belief that the W4 extreme formed in mid December 2013 was good and and the price is ready to resume it’s bullish trend.  Althought the Trend Channel is below 0.9, I would still look to enter the trade when the price crosses the 6/4 MA High line, which will then give 7/9 indicators in the green, when triggered.  BUY order @ 3196 on a JUN14 Spread Bet Contract, above the highs of the past 7 bars (weeks), out of the Trend Channel and above the 6/4 MA High line.  Stop Loss @ 2784 and the Take Profit Limit order @ 4100.  As Below

LGF#3 LGF#1 LGF#2osc


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