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Legal Stuff!

Information presented on this web site is presented as an electronic diary of the trading of Paul Bratby and as such is a recording of his thoughts about trading and the markets. There are no direct or indirect buy or sell recommendations being made or implied in any materials being presented on this website. All information should be viewed as a narration of my views and actions in the markets. In no way am I suggesting that you use or follow my advice directly, indirectly, or rely on it to make any investment decisions. All of your investments are under your control and are solely your responsibility; always speak to your financial advisor before making any investment.

The information presented on the web site is not specialised information, nor does it constitute professional advice. No analysis is correct all of the time and there will be, at times, mistakes made and opinions voiced that do not work out and result in losses for This is part of trading, and losses are to be expected and are a reality for all traders.

By viewing this site you are accepting this disclaimer and are acknowledging that you understand that you are simply reading an electronic trading diary of Paul Bratby and and as such you are treating all information posted on this site as the opinion of Paul Bratby and not as a recommendation to invest, and that you are solely responsible for your investments and investing outcomes, and that as opinion, there will be times where the opinions expressed on this site result in financial loss for Paul Bratby.  Risk is present in any financial transaction; make sure that you understand those risks. Paul Bratby cannot be held liable for any investment decisions you make based on the information displayed on this web site. You and you alone are responsible for your financial decisions. Spread Bets and CFD’s are leveraged products and may not be suitable for everyone and can result in losses that exceed your initial deposit, so please ensure that you fully understand the risks involved.

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