13/03/14 – With this trade’s contract running out in a few days and a poor session for the stock today, I have decided to time stop this trade and take 0.52% profit on my trading account balance.  The trade has been on for 16 bars (weeks) and hasn’t really gone anywhere so by sticking to my time stop strategy at least I walk away with a small win. As Below


01/03/14 – This trade has been on for 14 bars (weeks) and although the last 4 bars (weeks) has seen good momentum up with higher highs and higher lows, it is still  very long way from the target zone.  In line with my Money Management Strategy I have placed an aggressive Time Trailing Stop 1 point below the low of last week @ 31.05.  This locks in a small profit but most importantly at this time makes the trade Risk Free! As Below  If the Stocks Bullish price momentum continues the Stop shouldn’t be taken out and further profits are a possibility.  I will look to take profits on or before the 17th March when the trades MAR14 Spread Bet contract runs out.


25/11/13 – Conservative entry into the trade as the Trend Channel is below 90% but 6/4 MA High is just of Trend Channel.  Entry ‘ 30.52. As Below

LEG#1 LEG#2osc


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