16/04/15 – LBTYA NASDAQ – As feared from the Tip Toe trigger in this trade, it just didn’t have the juice and my Stop Loss was taken out in yesterday’s session giving a 1% loss on my trading account balance. The 50 Day Moving average that was acting as support did fail during Tuesday’s session.  In the future if I do get a weak entry and a Moving Average support level is broken I may get out of the trade earlier and take a smaller loss. Chart as Below.

LBTYA close out

12/04/15 – LBTYA-NASDAQ –  My Stop Buy order for this trade “Tip Toe” triggered during Friday’s session by meeting my entry price then closing slightly lower.  Although I don’t like Tip Toe Triggers on a Friday, the price action for this LBTYA Nasdaq stock closed strongly above the 6/4 Moving Average High. Another positive sign is that the MACD Histogram has crossed prom -ve to +ve along with the signal lines crossing also.  Chart as Below for the entry into this trade.

lbtya nasdaq

07/04/15 – LBTYA NASDAQ – The Wave 4 pull back for this stock has been quite complex compared to the simple Wave 2, which is a good Elliott Observation.  The Support Level is between the 0.382 and 0.5 Fibonacci Retracement levels taken between Wave 2 and Wave 3 extremes but has broken down below the TJ’s Ellipse.  The 50 Day Moving Average (Yellow MA line) also seems to be acting as support at this time. Currently there are 6/9 indicators in the green for this setup with the 7th going green before entry with the 6/4 MA High being crossed.  The price broke out of the Trend Channel and found resistance at the 6/4 MA high line during yesterday’s session but then closed back inside.  An entry above yesterday’s High would be way above the 6/4 MA High for today’s bar position and a conservative strategy to ensure momentum is with this potential Bullish move to form a Wave 5.  Stop Buy Order @ 52.63 with the Stop Loss @ 51.28 and the initial take profit Limit Order @ 57.20 gives a Risk to Reward profile of over 1:3. Charts as Below for the setup of this potential Long Trade on LBTYA NASDAQ.

LBTYA nasdaq LBTYA nasdaq LBTYA#2osc'

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