27/01/15 – KLAC NASDAQ – My Stop Loss was taken out in yesterday’s session as unexpected and over reaction to KLAC NASDAQ profits took over and the markets sold off heavily, giving a 1% loss on my trading account balance.  My NET profit for my trading activities on this stock is 3.8% due to my two successful Scalp trades.  My Scalping activities are proving a good hedging mechanism against losses on my trades, but are not guaranteed as I have a set criteria for setup and in some stock trades they do not appear and therefore are not available for me. I will continue as I feel confident that my overall results are benefiting.  Chart s Below

klac nasdaq

23/01/15 – KLAC NASDAQ – After my first Scalp earlier in the session the price naturally pulled back as day traders started taking profits.  I placed a Fibonacci retrcement for the last bullish move and the price found support t the Fib 0.5 retracement level, formed a Bullish Harami and the Stochastic crossed in the over sold zone against a False Bar.  This setup was even stronger than my earlier trade and the Risk to Reward of 1;1.6 (my minimum) took me to the previous high of the day.  I placed a Stop Buy Order 69.52, with the Stop Loss @ 69.25 which was just below the wick of the green candle forming the second half of the Bullish Harami.  I placed a Take profit Limit @ 69.97 to give me a potential 1.6% profit just above the day’s previous high. The trade took some time, but at  12.25 my Stop Buy order was triggered but not with any real momentum and the price then dropped below the entry level at just before 1pm before then becoming range bound at the entry level.  I Decided to let this trade play out with the orders in place as I had already a great profit in the earlier trade and so more relaxed about the risk of 1% on this trade.  I placed a trend line support on the chart as two points make a line and 3 or more make a trend and although slow, the trade was making progress. At 14;30 my Take profit Limit order was taken out giving me a further 1.6% profit on my trading account balance for this KLAC NASDAQ Stock series of trades.  I was happy with a fantastic 4.8% NET combined profit on my Scalping activities on this KLAC NASDAQ stock for the day’s session.  As it turns out the price went on to make even higher highs and I got out too early on the second scalp of the day, but happy with my results.  If the momentum continues with the main trade I will look for more scalp setups in the days to come.  Chart as below.

KLAC scalp#2

23/01/15 – KLAC NASDAQ – After an initial drop on open yesterday a really strong Bullish Harami Cross was formed at a wave 4 low on the 5 minute chart for this KLAC NASDAQ Stock.  The stochastic had crossed in the over sold zone and so I quickly entered a Long Scalp @68.94, just above the high of the Doji Star forming the second half of this classic exhaustion/breakout pattern. Stop Loss @ 68.66. At 10:40 after small pull back had found support I placed my first Trailing Stop @ 69.08, locking in 0.5% profit.  The next three candles were strong bullish moves and took the price over the 2% profit line and I kept adjusting my Trialing Stop, one candle behind to this point.  At 11:10 and after four candles had found a support level, I adjusted my trailing Stop to 69.56, locking in 2.2% profit.  Then again after each candle had closed adjusted my Trailing Stop below its low until at 11:35, my Trailing Stop was taken out giving a 3.2% profit on my trading account balance.  Charts as below for this Scalp Trade on the KLAC NASDAQ stock.

klac nasdaq

22/01/15 – KLAC NASDAQ – My Stop Buy order was triggered in yesterday’s session and therefore I am in this Long trade on KLAC NASDAQ.  For the 3rd Daily session running this stock made higher highs and higher lows with decent volume so all is looking good so far with the momentum building for a Bullish Wave 5.  A strong run into the weekend with the same momentum and closing above the entry will give me more confidence that this trade is surely on and will then look for strong Scalping Setups in the same direction of the main trade.  Chart as below.

klac nasdaq

21/01/15 – KLAC NASDAQ – The potential long trade on this stock is setting well with 8/9 of my with trend trade setups in the green.  Yesterday positive move ended with the price closing out of the Trend Channel for this Wave 4 pull back movement.  It is also noteworthy to recognise that the price also closed above the 50 Day  Moving Average and my 6/4 MA High line, which could be the beginning of  Bullish momentum required to get the Wave 5 move under way. The MACD Histogram profile is looking good to cross the zero line from -ve to +ve along with Signal & MACD lines about to cross, which again is adding strength to a potential high probability wave 5 trade. I have decided on a reasonably conservative entry strategy just above the high of the last attempt the price tried to break out of this wave 4 pull back.  Stop Buy Order @ 69.57 with the Stop Loss @ 64.83 and the initial Take Profit Limit Order @ 78.10, giving a Risk to Reward profile over my minimum 1:1.6.  Charts s Below for the setup of this potential Long Trade on KLAC NASDAQ.



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