21/01/14 – Stop Loss taken out giving a 1% loss on my trading account balance.  i let this trade run on too long, I must be more disciplined with the time stops! As Above

20/12/13 – BUY order triggered and into the trade.  As Below


19/12/13 – Again, yesterday saw a new W4 low.  I have adjusted the Trend Channel and Re-calculated the Target Zone.  The Risk to Reward is still above 2:1.  The BUY order has changed to enter the trade aggressively out of the new Trend Channel and above the highs of the last 4 bars (days) @ 6094.  Stop Loss moved on the order to 5926.  As Below


18/12/13 – Again, yesterday’s price found a new low, forming a new W4 extreme.  I have re-drawn the Trend Channel and still have 7/9 indicators in the green.  I have left the BUY order @ 6115 but moved the Stop Loss on the order to reflect the new W4 low and is now @ 5978.  The RR has changed slightly but still over 2:1.  As Below


17/12/13 – Monday saw a good price rise in the stock and I want to improve the Risk to reward to over 2:1, so have moved the BUY order entry price to 6115.  This is a more aggressive entry,but still out of the Trend Channel and above the high of the 12/12/13.  As Below


16/12/13 – Friday saw a new W4 low and now the TJ’s Ellipse is not holding the W4 extreme, now making 7/9 indicators in the green.  The trade still looks good and so I have moved the potential Stop Loss to 6006.  I am still keeping the same conservative entry @ 6159, keeping the RR at 1.6:1 just!!  As Below


13/12/13 – Yesterday’s low was 1 point above the W4 extreme low of the 06/12/13 which was held by TJ’s ellipse.  Trend Channel taken from Pivot Bas complex W4 pull back.  8/9 indicators in the green but still going for a conservative entry @ 6159 way out of the Trend Channel and 1 point above the high of 11/12/13 due to the poor market performance over the last few days.  As Below

JWN#1 JWN#2osc


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