02/05/15 – IVZ NYSE – A new Wave 5 was formed during Friday’s session with the price struggling to get past the 1.6% profit line so as the trade had been on for 19 days I decided to time stop the trade and take 1.6% profit on my trading account balance for the main trade..  A total NET profit of  4.1% on my trading account balance for my trading activities on this IVZ NYSE Stock.  I will keep an eye on this next week for any more potential scalps.  Chart as below for the close.

ivz nyse

16/04/15 – IVZ NYSE – First scalp on this stock in yesterday’s session and a very classic roller coaster setup.  At 11:50 am a Bullish Harami formed as the Stochastic was crossing in the over sold zone and the 89 Moving average (purple MA line used in scalping) acted as support at the low of this setup. I decided on a conservative entry as my minimum risk to reward of 1:1.6 put me at the high of the session that occurred around open.  Stop buy order @ 40.45 was triggered 10 minutes later.  After an initial pull back the bullish move gained huge momentum and after the large green candle closed at 12.55 pm above the previous b pivot, I adjusted my trailing stop to lock in 1% profit on my trading account balance. The momentum continued rapidly and at  13:25 pm I closed out my trade @ 40.63 to take 2.5% profit on my trading account balance as a pull back would most likely occur after such a large candle and I was happy with the profit.  Chat as Below.

IVZ nyse

07/04/15 – IVZ NYSE – Although a new low was formed by $0.01 in yesterday’s session, the price did then go on to make a large movement higher to tip toe trigger my order and enter the trade.  The Stop Loss remains the same at 39.28 as this level was not broken yesterday.  The price did close near the day’s high which is a good sign that the momentum should continue in today’s session.  Chart as Below for the entry into IVZ NYSE.

ivz nyse

03/04/15 – IVZ NYSE – With 8/9 of my trade setup indicators in the green this potential Long trade looks very promising. The Wave 4 pull back has found support at the Fibonacci 0.5 Retracement level taken between Wave 2 and Wave 3 extremes and has been backed up with the TJ’s Ellipse at the same level.  The Stochastic just crossed in the Over Sold zone against the False Bar Stochastic, on Thursday. I am considering a conservative entry way out of the Trend Channel for Monday’s bar position and above the highs of the last 6 days (bars).  Stop Buy Order @ 40.28 with the Stop Loss @ 39.28 and the initial take profit Limit Order @ 42.80, giving a risk to reward Profile over 1:2. Charts as below for the setup of this potential Long trade on IVZ NYSE.



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