03/03/14 – The price opened near the Trailing Stop the immediately rose inside the target zone to the 2% profit line.  Due to other trailing stops being taken out and the potential for this to turn negative as the UDG-LSE trade did, I decided to close the position and take a well deserved 2% profit on my trading account balance.  As Below


01/03/14 – During Friday’s session the price made a new W5 high and closed in the original price target zone.  i have dusted the Trailing Stop aggressively to 76.53, some 10 points below the low of Friday, locking in 1.7% profit on my trading account balance.  I f the current Bullish momentum continues, I shouldn’t be stopped out of the trade and the price  will potentially move and close above the original price zone, As Below.  I will manage the trade s normal by adjusting the railing Stop and the Take Profit Limit Order.


22/02/14 – This trade has risen very quickly as it has only been open 4 bars (days) and formed a new W5 High during Friday’s session (21/02/14) which tipped the 1.6% profit line.  The price, however, closed much lower as the sellers (Bears) took control of the end of the session.  This could well indicate no more appetite for Buyers (Bulls) to push the price in this stock.  I have therefore been very aggressive in managing this trade and adjusted the Stop Loss to 7375 to lock in 1% profit on my trading account balance. As with the CAR and SWY trades I have adjusted the Take profit Limit Order  (TPLO adjusted to 8016 , 2.5% profit line) to take advantage of any price movement above the original target zone whilst intending to manage the trade with a Trailing Stop. As Below


21/02/14 – Massive price action UP  in yesterday’s session witnessed a W5 being formed and the price, pretty much, closing near the day’s high.  I have adjusted the Stop Loss to 6942, above the Break Even Point, but below the lows of the last two bars (day) making this is a Risk Free Trade.  As Below – Again, as with the CAR trade, I will look to adjust the Stop Loss after today’s session to protect some of the profit.


18/02/14 – The BUY order was triggered at the beginning of the today’s session and so I am into the trade.  This is now 22 open trades, which pretty much fills up my sausage machine strategy, so only really good looking trades are going to make it on the watchlist until I close some of the trades out.  As Below


16/02/14 – The price for this stock closed above the 6/4 MA High line on Friday, giving 8/9 indicators in the green and still gives a potential profit of 2% of my trading account balance.  This is a conservative entry as the price has taken time to gather momentum after the W4 extreme some 7 bars ago (days).  Now the price has closed out of the Trend Channel and above the 6/4 MA it gives me more confidence to put on a trade.  Buy order @ 6872 on a Daily Funded Spread bet Contract (DFB) with the Stop Loss @ 6433 and the Take Profit Limit Order @ 7800.  As Below



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