16/01/14 – The Take Profit Limit was taken out in the first 5 minutes of the session after the price gapped up on open, giving a 2.25% profit on my trading account balance.  My patience and discipline paid off with this trade. As Above

15/01/14 – This trade went above the 50% to target line after 18 bars then retracted back to the entry price and now today has seen a large price movement back up above and closed above the 50% to target line.  We are now just in the time frame of the target zone (black vertical lines on the pink/blue target zone) so I am going to leave the trade until Friday and see where it takes me and then make a decision to close the trade or leave it to carry over to next week.  Interestingly the Stochastic has turned back upwards and crossed over today, potentially signalling a  further price rise.  As Below


12/12/13 – Moved the Stop Loss below 18.56 which is the low on my broker account chart which differs from my trading software.  this is the first time I have come across this and so will monitor.  Stop Loss now at 183.15.  New W4 low formed.  AS Below


05/12/13 – Trade triggered, AS Below



05/12/13 – After a reasonable bullish day yesterday for this stock, despite the FTSE messing around, I have moved the BUY order to 192.39.  This is 1 point above yesterdays high and way out of the Trend Channel, which also gives a better Risk to Reward ratio. As Below


02/12/13 – With 8/9 indicators in the green already, this trade setup is looking great.  I have placed an order to BUY, conservatively,  @ 193.56 above the 6/4 MA High line, which would give 9/9 indicators in the green. As Above



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