29/04/14 – This trade has been on for some 27 bars (days), which is much longer than I usually leave trades on.  It is still range bound and I want to free up margin for other trades, so I am Time Stopping this trade and taking 1.17% profit on my trading account balance  As Below


19/03/14 – This doesn’t happen to me often, but I came across this trade as I was scanning the LSE and needed to take action straight away and enter the trade whilst the potential profit was at over 2%.  There are 7/9 indicators in the green with good momentum out of the Trend channel this week with a good Risk to reward ratio.  I have entered the trade @ 559.6 with a Stop Loss @ 542 and a Take Profit Limit Order @ 600.  As Below

HMSO#3 HMSO#1 HMSO#2osc'

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