17/03/14 – The Stop Loss was taken out during yesterday’s session giving a 1% loss on my trading account balance.  It’s just not quite working out for the SHORT trades at the moment as the market just doesn’t want to turn just yet.  i will keep dipping my toe in as and when they setup well to try and take advantage of a bearish pull back in the markets. As Below


13/03/14 – During a very negative session this SHORT trade has tiggered and I am in the trade.  This is the second SHORT SELL trade to trigger this week with one more FNFG-NASDAQ still to trigger.  As Below


12/03/14 – When the price moves across the 6/4 MA Low line, on entry, there will be 8/9 indicators in the green.  This is the second of three potential SHORT trades I have put orders this week, is the market in for a pull back triggered by the unrest in the Ukraine? SELL order on a DFB spread bet contract @ 37.16 with a Stop Loss @ 39.40 and a Take Profit Limit order @ 32.00.  As Below

GME#3 GME#1 GME#2osc'

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