09/04/14 – I have Time Stopped this trade as I was nearly stopped out a few days ago and I need to get some profitable trades in the bag as the markets are turning this week.  A 1.35% profit on my trading account balance, As Below


31/03/14 – The trade has tip toe triggered and then closed below the entry point.  No real concern at this stage as the price did close higher than the open.  Below is the chart when the trade was triggered.  As Below


31/03/14 – The Trend Channel is taken from Pivot B as this is a complex W4 pull back that has 8/9 indicators in the green.  I have decided for a relatively aggressive entry out of the Trend Channel, but also above the highs of Thurs & Fri last week as the TJ’s ellipse seems to be acting as resistance to further downward movement.  BUY order @ 22.20 on a DFB Spread bet Contract with the Stop Loss @ 21.35 and the Take Profit Limit order @ 25.57.  As Below



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