19/03/14 – As with the TALK-LSE trade, this trade has been on for longer than I would like, in fact in this case some 26 days.  With the massive price action up today and formation of a W5 high, I have decided to Time Stop the trade and take 2.6% profit on my trading account balance.  Some would say watch and wait, but considering of the last couple of weeks this trade has had me in a loss making position or at break even, I see this as a good opportunity to take profit and keep that average of winning trades above 1.6% per trade.  Chart As Below


12/02/14 – BUY order triggered and into the trade and it could be a long haul, but time stops will play a part unless I can get more than 50% to target in the next 13-15 bars (days).  As Below


12/02/14 – I have cancelled the MAR14 BUY order as the target zone has been re-drawn and adjusted.  As with the SWY trade that triggered yesterday, the False Bar for this Stock is now at the bottom of the stochastic Chart.  This pull bck has gone further now and is on the limit but there are still 7/9 indicators in the green with the price opening and closing above the 6/4 MA High line in yesterday’s session.  I have placed a new BUY order on a JUN14 contract to enter at 5260 which is 1 point above yesterdays high, with the Stop Loss @ 4700 and the Take Profit Limit Order @ 7400, giving a potential profit of nearly 4% on my trading account balance.  This trade along with the SWY trade is not for the faint hearted due to quite large spreads and the False bars.  But sometimes you just have to be “in it to win it!” As below


04/02/14 – A new low formed during yesterday’s session, giving a new W4 extreme.  The false bar stochastic indicator is no longer in play as a new false bar has formed on the bottom showing a downward trend, so now only the minimum of 6/9 indicators are in the green.  The BUY order entry point remains the same, making a very conservative entry, whilst I have moved the Stop Loss on the order to 4752 to compensate for the new W4 low.  The Risk to Reward is still in the 1;3 region which makes the trade potentially quite possible.   I think this week is critical for this trade to stay on my watch list.  As Below


30/01/14 – The price has continued to climb from the W4 extreme during this week and has just tipped the 6/4 MA high line during today’s session, giving 9/9 indicators in the green.  I would like to see further gains tomorrow and the trade triggered on Monday next week.  As Below


27/01/14 – A new W4 low was formed during Friday’s session which has now given 8/9 indicators in the green as the TJ’s Ellipse has now hit at the W4 low.  I have re-adjusted the Trend Channel and therefore lowered the entry point to 5356 (BUY order Still on A MAR14 Spread Bet Contract).  This entry is aggressive out of the Trend channel but also above high of the Pivot point M on the 16/01/14 and would, when triggered, cross the 6/4MA High line giving 9/9 indicators in the green.  Stop Loss moved to 1 point below the low of Friday @ 4802.  The first few days of this week will be critical to this trade.  As Below


17/01/14 – 7/9 indicators in the green and the Stochastic has crossed over and about to leave the over Over Sold Zone.  This trade is setting up well again.  Entry will be aggressive out of the Trend Channel with n extra value to the trade, in that the price will cross the 6/4 MA High line before going out of the Trend Channel, which will then give 8/9 indicators in the green.  BUY order on a MAR14 contract to enter @ 5453 with a Stop Loss @ 4943 and a Take Profit Limit @ 7300.  Entry is also above the high of the 6th January.  As Below


14/01/14 – I was stopped out of this trade recently as I suspect I go in too early!  See the archive trade here  http://www.mytradingbuddy.com/trading-diary/fslr/   I have kept an eye on this and can now say that the trade is setting up well again with 7/9 indicators still in the green.  With the 6/4 MA high now within the trend channel it will give 8/9 indicators when and if it crosses in the near future. Will be keeping a close look out on this and just waiting out on putting a BUY order just yet, but it could change in the days to come. As Below

FSLR2#1 FSLR2~2osc


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