20/04/15 – FNF NYSE – The price gapped up on this stock today and has had a positive session so far but I want to get out on a time stop whilst in a decent profit position so I Time Stopped this trade taking 0.7% profit on my trading account balance. In these volatile markets I must continue with a more aggressive time stop strategy as less trades are making it to target.  Chart as Below for the close of this trade on FNF NYSE.

fnf nyse

12/04/15 – FNF NYSE  This trade has really been on a roller coaster with the price coming within $0.01 of my stop loss and sitting in a profitable position.  The trade has been on for 20 bars (days) and has not reached 50% to my target zone.  I need to consider a Time Stop Strategy next week by either taking profits or adjusting my Stop Loss to Break Even. At this point until I see the price action next week it is hard to say what I will do but if the price does manage to reach the 1% profit line again I may take the profit.  Chart as Below

fnf nasdaq

13/03/15 – FNF NYSE – The third of my watchlist potential trades to trigger strongly in yesterday’s session and close near its Daily High! As with FAF-NYSE and MENT-NASDAQ, I m looking for a higher High and a higher Low for this stocks price action in today’s session so that the week can close out positively and have confidence in the momentum of the 5th Wave. As an added bonus I was paid a Cash dividend from my broker today on this stock which equated to approximately 0.2% profit on my trading account balance, so an added bonus.  I have alos adjusted the Take Profit Limit Order to 39.60 as my software has made a re-calculation reflecting the strong movement away from the wave 4 extreme. Chart as Below for the entry into this long position on FNF NYSE.

fnf nyse

10/03/15 – FNF NYSE – This potential Swing Trade is setting up well with 8/9 of my indicators in the green. The Wave 4 pull back has found support at the TJ’s Ellipse between the Fibonacci 0.25 and 0.382 Retracement Levels and the price seems to be holding on tot he 50 Day Moving Average. This stock’s price broke out of the Wave 4 Trend Channel in yesterday’s session and closed near the day’s high on the outer trend line which is a good indicator that momentum is building for a wave 5 but confirmation is needed today.  I have decided on a reasonably conservative entry strategy way above the high of yesterday and out of the Trend Channel for today’s bar position, whilst  also just above the Pivot I during the Wave 3 (highlighted by blue ellipse).  Stop Buy Order @ 36.51 with the Stop Loss @ 35.39 and the initial Take Profit Limit Order @ 39.20 giving a Risk to Reward Profile over 1:2.  Charts as Below for the Setup of this potential trade on FNF NYSE.

fnf nyse FNF#1 FNF#2osc


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