03/03/14 – The Trailing Stop was taken out within the first 30 minutes of the session opening today, during a very negative start to the week as the market reacts to the Russian/Ukraine standoff  Profit of 0.77% on my trading account balance.  As below


01/03/14 – This trade has been on for 19 bars (days) and seems to be range bound.  Although Fridays session saw the price make new highs for this current Bullish Trend, the Sellers became dominant  towards the end of the session and took away those early gains.  I have adjusted the Trailing Stop quite aggressively now to 1 point below the low of Thursday 27/02/14 @ 32.62, locking in 0.77% profit on my trading account balance whilst giving the trade space to gain further ground.  I will keep the tight Trailing Stop until taken out of the trade as I am on a DFB contract with this trade and incur small Daily finance charges which I calculate into the trade up to the 20 bat (days in this case) point.  As Below


22/02/14 – Although this trade has been open for 14 bars (days) I am not considering a Time Stop at this stage as the price closed above the 50% to target zone line on Friday 21/02/14.  I have adjusted the Stop Loss to 3199 below the low of 14/02/14 locking in 0.4% profit and making this a Risk free trade.  This is a conservative money management strategy aimed at giving the trade space to work.  As Below


01/02/14 – With a large price movement up during Friday’s session, despite a negative US markets end to the week, the BUY order was triggered and the price remained above entry on close. With the 6/4 MA high being crossed on entry the indicators remain at 7/9 as the PTI dropped below 36, which concerns me and may prompt me t keep a tight Trailing Stop on this trade, lets see how next week begins.  As below


30/04/14 – A new W4 extreme was formed in yesterday’s negative US session, so I have adjusted the Trend Channel and also the Stop Loss to 2957 on the order.  I have left the BUY order @3129, which is now a more conservative entry, but still has a RR of approx 2:1.  I will re-adjust if no trigger after Fridays session close. As Below


28/01/14 – The Stochastic has already crossed over in the Over Sold Zone and is about to the same again today if the price has a positive session.  This will give 7/9 indicators in the green and with the US futures so positive this morning, I am putting on a BUY order to cover  possible move higher for this stock.  BUY order @ 3129, aggressively out of the Trend Channel, above the highs of the last 4 bars (trading days) and 1 point above the 0.25 Fib Retracement.  Stop Loss @ 2978 with a Take Profit Limit Order @ 3470.  As Below

FNF#3 FNF#1 FNF#2osc


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