27/12/13 – Stop Loss taken out as predicted before the session opened.  2% profit of trading account balance taken.  As Above

27/12/13 – Moved the Stop Loss to 56.24 (red hatched line), which is the 2% profit line as the price has been above this for two bars (days) now.  This is to protect a good profit on this 15 day trade that has now entered uncharted waters as far as the price is concerned and I don’t want to be in for a long ride back down and then up again as the CFD finance charges will work against my profit.  If the price continues to rise then I will keep a close trailing Stop each, from next week.  As Below


23/12/13 – The price opened above Octobers high (Light Blue hatched Line) and spent the first half of the session gaining momentum upwards.  I have moved the Stop Loss to 54.60 to lock in a minimum of 1.6% profit on my trading account balance.  As Below


20/12/13 – The price has closed above the 50% to target zone point and the high of Oct 2013 (light blue hatched line) for the last three days of the week.  I have moved the Stop Loss to 48.40 above the entry point.  RISK FREE TRADE .  The Oct 2013 high seems to be acting as resistance at the moment, so it would be good to see the the price open and close above that line to give confidence that the Bull  trend is continuing. As Below


04/12/13 – Trade order triggered and now all 9 indicators are green. As Below


29/11/13 –  Stooped out of this trade earlier this week as I was too early in the Wave  4 Pullback.  7/9 indicators in the green.  i have put a buy order ‘ 4763, which is out of the Trend Channel and very near to the 6/4 MA High line.  Order is good fro Today and Monday.  If it doesn’t trigger I will have to re-adjust the order. As Below

FB2#1 FB2#2osc


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