03/03/14 – The price gapped down slightly on open and didn’t recover immediately and so therefore I was taken out of the trade due to the Trailing Stop I had placed.  The position was closed out at the session open price as it was below my Trailing Stop, giving a 0.55% profit on my trading account balance compared to the potential 0.75% of my Trailing Stop – Sometimes the gaps work against you!! As Below


20/02/14 – With the price opening above the original Target zone in today’s session, I have moved the Stop Loss to just beneath the same zone which will act as resistance to further downward movement.  Stop Loss moved to 7741 which locks in 0.75% profit on my trading account balance and makes this a Risk Free Trade.  As Below


07/02/14 –  The price gapped up massively to open @ 7422, way above the initial BUY order.  As this was an automated BUY order the trade has triggered at the session open of 7244 and so the Stop Loss  has moved to 696, maintaining the 1% Stop Loss gap and the Take Profit Limit order has moved to 8447.  Both these orders move as when we place an order we stipulate the amount of point away from open we want these actions to take place and thus these are constant even when we have this uncommon type of open.  I have decided to leave this trade on as the last time this stock price gapped up  it did continue on a Bullish tend (as seen on the chart below).  I will, however, keep an aggressive trailing stop on this trade once into the sessions next week.  As Below


05/02/14 – With 8/9 indicators in the green, this trade is setting up well.  Due to the current volatility in the US Markets I am going to look at a conservative entry into this trade above the 6/4 MA High line, which will give 9/9 indicators in the green upon trigger.  BUY order ‘ 6726 on a MAR14 Spread Bet Contract with the Stop Loss @ 6265 and the Take Profit Limit Order @ 7750.  If the price doesn’t improve over the next few days (bars) I may have to consider cancelling the order, especially if the Elliott Oscillator breaks the 140% line.  As Below



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