EXPD-NASDAQ Stop Loss taken out

23/06/14 – My stop loss has been taken out on this trade, giving a 1% loss on my trading account balance.  This trade has failed in much the same way as my BA trade did, but has not continued to go down.  I will keep an eye on this stock as I may have entered the trade too early. So if the indicators stack up again with a clear entry strategy, I will setup another trade.  In these circumstances I am not afraid to re-enter a trade after it falls at the first hurdle as with swing trading an entry too early is a small probability.  As Below

stop loss expd

20/06/14 – The BUY Order for this trade triggered in the later part of yesterday’s session then closed below the entry point.  The Bar still closed positively though for the second day in a row and would like to see another positive day for the stock for Friday and close above entry going into the weekend.  The stop loss remains tight to Wave 4 extreme. As Below


19/06/14 – The Trend Channel is taken from the Main Pivot B as this is a complex W4 pullback against a Simple W2 which fits well with a major Elliott Wave Observation.  There are 8/9 indicators with a Risk to Reward Ratio of over 1:3.  The shorter and lower of the target zones is taken from Pivot B and may act as resistance to further upward movement to the major Target Zone at 47.50.  BUY Order @ 44.84 which is reasonably conservative out of the Trend Channel for Today’s bar position and above highs of the last two bars (days) and above the Fib retracement 0.25 line taken between w2 and W3.  The stop loss @ 44.10 and the initial Take Profit Limit Order @ 47.50, As Below



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