EXC-NYSE – Elliott Wave 5 Trade Swing Trading Journal

22/05/14 – The W4 pull back against a very strong Bullish Trend seems to be at an end and bottomed out yesterday forming a top hat Doji.  I triggered the trade conservatively out of the Trend Channel today @34.25, which is also above the high of  Tuesday’s bar.  Stop Loss @ 33.45 but may have to adjust  down to below 33.17 if the market is weak next and the second TJ’s Ellipse comes into play.  A great Risk to Reward Ratio of above 1:5 with the Take Profit Limit Order @ 38.70.  This is a prime example of  a great potential Elliott Wave 5 trade. As Below

EXC#3 EXC#1 EXC#2 osc

04/06/14 – A new Elliott Wave 5 high was formed during a strong session for this stock yesterday, which also closed near the high.  I have adjusted the trailing stop to 35.66, which protects 1.6% profit on my trading account balance for this trade.  As Below


06/06/14 – Another positive day yesterday with the price forming a new Elliott Wave 5 high, has witnessed this trade tip the 3.75% profit line.  I have adjusted the Trailing Stop to 35.99, which locks in 2% profit on my trading account balance for this trade, whilst also giving the trade room to work.  As Below


11/06/14 – I closed out this trade just before the close last night as the last 3 days (bars) have been negative, suggesting the Elliott Wave 5  movement has reached its peak and I really do not want to loose any more ground on this trade.  I took 3.4% profit on my trading account balance.  I wish all Swing Trades could be this straight forward!  The Energy Sector Stocks are doing well for me at the moment with high probability Swing Trading opportunities working out very well that are easy to manage with good profits. Chart for closing as Below

elliott wave 5


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