March Results-End of Year Results 2014/2015

End Of  Year Results for 2014/2015 – March Profits of 10.6%  on my trading P/L account balance, with a Win Ratio of 73%. (Click on the image below to enlarge)

end of year results

My End of Year Results for 2014/2015 are now complete and I cant believe another 12 months have passed for my trading and subscribers. I closed a total of 190 trades in the last 12 months with a Win Ratio of 71% which is an improvement on my previous year and blow my target out of the water.

My last months results of the year were positive with a 10.6% profit on my trading account balance , taking my Final Financial Year profits to 169.52% and confirming a record breaking year for me personally.  This next year will be different as I will also be managing a Fund and I intend to report on all my trading activities within the fund . I carry over 14  main trades into April 2015 with the intent to close some of the longer term trades in April to give my new Financial year a good start. The main focus for April is to consolidate the trades I have carried over into the new financial year and to start work identifying new trades to continue the momentum I have gathered with my Sausage Machine Strategy. My End of Year Results have left me in a dilemma as to what targets to set myself and the fund for the next year as I am in un-chartered territory after a massive year.  I will look at this during April and include my new targets in the April Results report.

The Win ratio for March was 73% with an average win size of 1.7% on my trading account balance, which is a slight decrease from last months figures and balancing out over the longer term.  The Stock Trading Results for March 2015 has reflected my concentration on equities and confirmation now that I will no longer be trading Forex Pairs as part of my Strategy.  Although I closed fewer trades and did less scalping during March than the previous few months, the results were very god and I am happy how my performance kept up with changing market conditions.  The table below shows the updated figures for the End of year Results against my targets and last years figures.  This month’s Stock Trading Results have seen my average monthly profit stabalise just above 14%, which is still over double my target for the year and is a direct result of my continually developing strategy. As my strategies have evolved I must now start to consider realistic targets for my next financial year.

2013/2014 Actual Figures 2014/2015 Targets 2014/2015 Current figures
Average Monthly Profit 3% 6.55% 5% 14.12%
Win Ratio for the Year 60% 55% 60% 71.05%
Average Win %            1.6% 1.96% 2.2% 1.67%'

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