30/06/15 – EDU NYSE – The Stop Loss for this trade was taken out during yesterday’s very negative session, giving a 1% loss on my trading account balance.  This trade was a victim of the markets violent bearish reaction to the Greece issues and confirmation of my 1% risk management strategy is a sensible and practical approach to reduce risk during large swings. Chart as Below.

edu nyse

15/06/15 – EDU NYSE – My Stop Buy Order triggered last week whilst I was travelling with a massive break out of the channel and has since weathered the bearish storm to form a Bullish Flag.  The price has remained above the entry which seems to be acting as support at this time.  Chart s Below.

edu nyse

28/05/15 – EDU NYSE – Another new Wave 4 low was formed during Tuesday’s session the yesterday a Bullish Harami pattern was formed with the positive green bar.  I have adjusted my trde order as follows; Stop Buy Order @ 25.01 with the Stop Loss @ 23.42 and the initial Take profit limit order @ 28.00, giving a Risk to Reward profile just over my minimum required 1:1.6.  Chart as below for the adjusted trade order for EDU NYSE.

edu nyse

22/05/15 – EDU NYSE –  A New Wave 4 low was formed during Wednesday’s session and rejected forming a Doji. A Bullish confirmation yesterday is a positive sign that the market has rejected the lower price.  I have adjusted the Stop Loss to 23.74 which reflects the new low.  The Entry remains the same at 25.06.  The price has moved away from the TJ’s Ellipse and therefore I now have 7/9 indicators in the green t this stage with the 8th going green before entry. Chart as below showing the adjustment and update for this trade setup on EDU NYSE.

edu nyse

20/05/15 – EDU NYSE – With 8/9 of my trade setup indicators in the green this potential long trade is looking strong.  The Wave 4 profit take pull back has found support at the Fibonacci 0.382 Retracement level as well as the TJ’s Ellipse holding it for now.  As with many trades so far this year, I have opted for a conservative entry above the 6/4 Moving Average High line.  This will then give 9/9 indicators in the green and give me more confidence that the bearish Wave 4 pull back has been broken. Stop Buy Order @ 25.06 with the Stop Loss @ 23.98 and the initial Take Profit Limit Order@ 28.00, giving a Risk to Reward profile over 1:2.  Charts as Below for the setup of this potential Long Position on EDU NYSE.

EDU#3 EDU#1 EDU#2osc'

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